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"It's like Windows' Character Map... Except it doesn't suck"

One day I was fiddling around doing nothing much in my favorite DTP package (Serif's PagePlus if you must know), using symbols from glyph fonts such as Wingdings. It took me about 2 minutes to get fed up trying to get a decent look at the symbols using Character Map (a program which, although updated for Windows XP, still sucks for this). I decided I could do far better than Microsoft had, so about an half an hour later the very first version of GlyphThis was born. A bit more work added options to change the grid dimensions and such, but the original design aim of just making it work still firmly applies.

GlyphThis 4.0.4 (should there be some web-superstition about that version number?) has all the value and funkiness of the previous version, but is now also WinXP Themeable (only if you're running Windows XP, of course) - all the buttons and stuff will show up in your chosen XP Theme.

Download Now (66kb)
(requires the VB6 Runtimes)