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If you don't want people using stuff off your site on theirs, you might want to try using this trick. It won't prevent people saving your stuff and uploading it to their site, but it's almost 100% effective against thoughtless idiots who just "deep link" things on your webspace (both lifting your stuff and soaking up your bandwidth).

Put the contents of this file into your .htaccess file (should be in your webroot directory, create one if you don't have one) and then tweak to suit (add/remove any file extensions to protect, and change the first line to match your site - consult the PHP documentation for more on how Regular Expressions work). If your ISP/webhost doesn't let you change Apache settings for your site with a .htaccess file, this will not work and cannot be made to work. It doesn't work on Geocities or any number of other "toy" webhosts - get over it and move your site to some proper hosting.