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This site and its contents are the copyright of Matthew Fowler, except the bits that are obviously someone else's (the link-buttons sending you to other sites, etc.). Nothing of mine on this site is released to the public domain.

Warning: Do not deep-link images from my site in any way (i.e. by including them in your own web pages, or posting references on forums, etc.). If I catch you doing this, I can and will replace the images on my server with whatever I like in order to cause annoyance and disruption - including but not limited to really big images to mess up page layout, fast-flashing blocks of solid colour designed to incude headaches, or written profanity (i.e. naughty words).

No graphics, documents, programs or other files on this site may be copied or deep-linked without my explicit written* permission. The current general exceptions are:

  1. The free-download versions of my software projects may be deep-linked by any site and copied within the terms of their individual licenses (if license are not mentioned for a software project, it is copyrighted freeware - copy it but do not change it or charge for it).
  2. Where any other items on the site specifically invite you to download them, you may make copies for personal use (and transfer it privately to your friends if you like) but not upload it to another website (or similar public server), nor deep-link my file.
  3. If I've specifically licensed a program to the public under the GNU General Public License (they're clearly marked), the "no uploading" limitation in (2) doesn't apply (as the GPL contradicts it and has priority), presuming you are staying within the terms of the GPL.
  4. In a similar vein to (3), some of my content is specifically licensed under a Creative Commons license - in which case you get the additional rights described in the relevant license, subject to the restrictions of the license. The no-deep-linking policy still applies.

The software provided for download from this site is offered freely but without any warranty or promise that is is "correct" or works properly.

This site is created in the United Kingdom but hosted in the USA, so I try my best to keep within the laws of both countries (not like Flarp contains anything properly controversial). Some sites on sub-domains of the main flarp.net domain are entirely other people's works - the distinction is immediately obvious in the change of page design.

* Where"written permission" is required, this means either printed/written permission from me on real paper, in a PGP-signed email from me, or a documented exception on this site such as those above.