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Original contents copyright Matthew Fowler, see Legal Stuff. Flarp is not a business venture - the best way to describe it would be a "personal brand". No marketing or site design services are required, and I've yet to receive any complaints about the size of my genitals.

My PGP public key is available for download, hiding behind the little padlock image on the left of every page. Most of the software projects either currently come with a signature or will do the next time I update them.

If you'd like to link to Flarp there is a "standard" 88x31 button you can use, available as PNG and also as GIF if you're stuck in the past:



These images are provided specifically for you to use to link back to this site; their reproduction/copying for this purpose is 100% allowed and encouraged. You will have to save the image to disk and upload it to your own site as deep-linking of Flarp's images is not possible.